The 2023 Longevity Forum will take place in person and online on June 14, 2023, co-hosted by the University of Toronto’s Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, The National Institute on Ageing, Women's College Hospital Age Lab, and What’s neXT?!, a social venture built on the belief that age shouldn’t be a barrier to new experiences, new work, new ways of giving back and new ideas. 

Why Now?

We’re living longer, healthier lives but there is limited awareness of the consequences of this remarkable demographic shift. We think it’s time to accelerate this conversation, and the actions that flow from it!

The disruption of the past few years has provided both organizations and older individuals with the catalyst to reimagine expectations around various aspects of a longer, purposeful life. But, while much work has been done, this reset needs a more concerted and collaborative effort among policy makers, governments, academics, employers and social entrepreneurs to help ensure our longer lifespans can be productive, dignified and purposeful.

Employers are underutilizing a powerful asset as they strive to remain competitive and contend with skills shortages both now and in the near future. Likewise, organizations in areas such as giving back and learning need to re-assess their programming and relationships with older and multi-generational audiences.

Who Are We?

What’s neXT?!, founded in 2019, is a social venture built on the belief that age should not be a barrier to change, growth, and achievement. We’ve framed this vision as The Future of Worth.™

The What’s neXT?! global community is made up of ‘builders’* who want to live a life of purpose. We are a digitally enabled community that enables members to participate in advocacy, build new networks and explore collective opportunities such as flexible work, giving back, and learning.

*Builders are mid- to late-career individuals or self-described retirees. They are curious and creative individuals who are interested in engaging, exploring and experimenting with different dimensions of life. They focus on purpose and community over productivity. They have a collaborative nature and want to be part of the larger mission.

Since 1965, the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto has brought together professors from many different disciplines and departments at the University of Toronto to teach and conduct research on all aspects of the workplace and employment relationships. It has become increasingly apparent that an interdisciplinary approach is required to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, and this is also the case for work and organizations.  The CIRHR faculty reflect the depth, breadth, and diversity of the university.

The Centre focuses on five major areas of study that fall within the discipline of industrial relations: work, organizations, management (particularly human resource management), labour and employment relations, and labour policy and institutions.

The National Institute on Ageing is a Toronto Metropolitan University think tank focused on the realities of Canada’s ageing population. Through our work, our mission is to enhance successful ageing across the life course and to make Canada the best place to grow up and grow old.

Women’s Age Lab, the first and only research centre of its kind in the world to our knowledge, aims to support the healthy ageing of women by reimagining a system and society where older women and their distinct well-being and health needs are recognized and addressed. Women’s Age Lab uses science to transform care and drive health system and social change. We envision that by 2030, the unique needs of older women will be recognized, and our social and health care system will provide tailored supports and care to older women.